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Where We Advertise Our Residential Flats

For our landlords we offer a five star quality property management service which can be tailored to suit individual property requirements. It involves a strict screening process [detailed below] in order that we find suitable residential tenants for your rental properties. This process is carried out quickly and efficiently therefor giving you peace of mind that your flats are being well maintained and cared for.

To assist any potential residential tenants we market all our flats and properties in a variety of ways which include postings on all major residential property portals including open rent and gumtree, thus reaching as wide an audience as possible.

Our residential property office is another outlet for potential tenants to see what is available and is updated on a daily basis.

Periodically we advertise our flats in popular property newspapers to maximise our publicity.

You can also find us on two very popular social media websites. We have pages on Twitter and Facebook.

Download our free Landlord Property Guide

For your information, please download our free, landlord residential property guide which you will find very helpful and easy to follow. It contains lots of useful information about being a residential landlord in the Edinburgh area.

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